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4" x 4" Hand Bound Journal--Judd Viburnum


This small hand bound journal was sewn with waxed Irish linen cord using a Coptic stitch. This particular stitch allows the book to remain flat when in use. The journal is filled with 100 pages of Rives Lightweight paper in buff. This is my favorite paper for writing because it is so soft. The focal point leaf on the eco printed* silk cover is a Judd Viburnum. These leaves print beautifully because of their rich texture. Other plants used include barberry, rose and eucalyptus leaves.

*Eco printing is a process by which leaves are tightly bound within a natural fiber textile or paper and heated over simmering water. The combination of tight contact with the cloth/paper, heat, steam and a little magic releases the pigments in the leaf onto the cloth. One part science many parts magic, no two prints are ever alike.